Owner and Creative Director Anne Bradfield of Floressence

Floressence is located in Georgetown, the heart of Seattle’s floral district. Owner and Creative Director Anne Bradfield welcomes you to visit the studio and share her enthusiasm for enhancing your event through flowers.

You’ll see that Anne’s designs lean towards the “artfully irregular.”  What could that mean? A blossom hovering up and off center gives an arrangement unexpected dimension; an undercurrent of plum brings sophistication to an otherwise predictable palette of blush and cream. Nothing is wacky for wacky’s sake alone, but for the joy in expressing the unpredictable quality of nature.

 Floressence focuses on locally sourced materials whenever possible, and has done so since its start in 2003.

Curious about pricing? (We would be, too!) Information on minimums and other pricing-related basics can be found here.

For a complimentary consultation and to visit the Floressence studio, please email Anne Bradfield or call Floressence at (206) 286-7850. We look forward to hearing from you!